Thomas Hoegh, President
Law Office of Thomas Hoegh

"I would like to personally thank MainGate Technologies for the superb job Patrick did in de-demonizing our computer hardware and software at our office. I am a lawyer and small businessman. We were at our wits end coping with so-called IT professionals that could not keep our computers up and running. We were locked into a never-ending, daily nightmare of glitches and downtime with poor response time. We thank our lucky stars that we heard about Patrick & MainGate Technologies. He came to our office in January 2010 and told us that he would fix everything and that we would have no further problems. I was dumbfounded that he had the audacity to tell me that. At that point, I didn’t think it was possible, but he was right, Patrick reworked our system, upgraded the software where necessary, and we have not had one problem since then, not one. We are back to practicing law. Our new business has picked up substantially and we will be forever grateful. Patrick literally saved us from the road to extinction and we are now buzzing along doing what we do best, practicing law, not twiddling our thumbs waiting for the so-called IT professional with our computers down."



Lee Newman
President, Jimmy McHugh Music

"MainGate Technologies is the absolute best. I would not use anybody but them!"

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Maxene Johnston
President & CEO, Johnston & Company

"MainGate Technologies are tops!  Working with them over several years, I find MainGate’s service and staff to be responsive, reliable and resourceful.  Always recommending cost saving ways of achieving results, MainGate continues to keep us going without keeping us spending!!"

Roger Gertz, CEO
CalPacific Mortgage

"MainGate Technologies had our laptop up and running in no time!"