The data a business compiles and maintains is one of its key assets. And like all valuable assets, it should be protected as much as possible. One main element of this protection is a strong, safe and reliable backup system that can guarantee recovery of your data should it be corrupted, lost... or stolen. In fact, data "breaches" alone cost the average American company $204 per record compromised in 2009, according to IT security research firm Ponemon Institute.


MainGate Technologies can provide the strongest and most reliable backup system for your company. Utilizing the latest innovations in data management and general information technology, our team will design the ideal backup regime for your needs. We'll also help monitor it, with regular and complete checks at intervals perfectly tailored to your firm's requirements.


Simple backup is not enough. Data security is also a prime concern, and as experts in this area, we design and implement the strongest security protocols available for your backup routine. Finally, in case of any difficulty you might encounter, our 24/7 emergency customer support team is ready and available to help you immediately solve the problem.