Your company's data and information are among its most valuable assets. Unfortunately, they are also among the most vulnerable. Office networks can come under attack at any time through various points of entry - an unguarded router, for example, a lowered firewall or a weak encryption regime. In fact, research from IBM's X-Force security analysis unit revealed that vulnerabilities in vendor software were up an astonishing 36 percent year on year in the first half of 2010. And that's only for software; it doesn't take into account the growing number of vulnerabilities in the typical network environment. Nor does it consider the growing sophistication of cyber-invaders and their methods.

This is where we come in. At MainGate Technologies, we're experts on network security. We'll tighten and seal your network so that the hackers can't get in and your data is locked and reachable only to those cleared to access it. We analyze your security needs and the vulnerabilities of each  and every component, hardware and software, of your existing network. With this, we can determine the best solution for your company and its budget, then efficiently and thoroughly implement it. With our in-depth knowledge and long experience, we have many tools at our disposal - firewalls, strong encryption algorithms, fingerprint ID inputs, DMZs and whitelists, among a great many others. And we don't stop only at the hardware and software; we can also provide briefings and training for your employees so they not only gain a thorough understanding of network security principles and procedures, they will be able to monitor aspects of the network themselves.

These days, without a solid, reliable and safe network, every bit of a company's data is potentially vulnerable. The stakes are too high to take that kind of risk; get in touch with MainGate and let us help you minimize that risk with the most secure network possible.