Microsoft's Windows operating system is and will likely remain the clear preference for office environments. According to information technology market prognosticators Forrester Research, a heavy 92% of corporate PC arrangements utilized Windows as their operating system in 2010.


Just as Microsoft services the great expanse of corporate America, MainGate Technologies serves anything connected with the company's signature OS. Our team of engineers has many years of experience with Windows, and can implement any solution related to the software or to the hardware it's installed on.


Our services comprise the full range and scope of Windows installations, be they located on powerful servers that power a large and wide network, or on a series of individual desktop personal computers. We can set up your firm's initial OS installation, maintain an existing setup, or upgrade and harmonize your existing implementation to ensure that all PCs are running the same, stable version of the software.


Windows has been a longtime favorite of corporate America for all sorts of businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to sprawling, nationwide concerns. As such, it's imperative to have the most capable and experienced partner assisting your company with its Windows environment - MainGate Technologies can be that partner.